About Rethymnon

Rethymnon is a bit of a surprise for most tourists. Its fascinating Old Town, with the Venetian fortress and the protected harbour makes it a very special destination.

Beautifully situated  at the base of the Psilorítis mountain range, Rethymnon is the third largest town of the island of Crete after Heraklion and Chania.

The periods of Venetian and Turkish occupation have left indelibly their marks at the Old Town, which is a pleasure to stroll around as it is full of Venetian mansions and churches, several small Turkish mosques and the 16th-century fortress. A walk in Rethymnon’s car-free Old Town takes you back through the centuries. The architectural mix of styles reflects the town’s history, so you’ll see attractions such as the 16th-century Venetian loggia, the 17th-century Rimondi Fountain with water flowing from the mouths of three stone lions, and the towering Ottoman minarets from 1890.

As it is easy to get lost in the narrow streets of the Old Town, chances are that you’ll find a café or restaurant, either in the streets or along the waterfront, and settle in for a bit of people watching.

Wandering through the Old Town, you’ll end up at the Venetian Harbor. This is one of the most picturesque areas of the entire town. Calm with small boats tied up and  always a perfect scenery for a postcard setting. On the far side of the harbour stands a 13th-century breakwater, and at the far end is a 17th-century lighthouse.

Surrounding the harbour is an assortment of restaurants and coffee shops. At night, the area is tastefully lit and an ideal spot for a romantic dinner with the warm gentle breezes of the Mediterranean.

The beach of Rethymno is 12 km long of fine-grained brilliant light brown sand, and you can walk all of it along the water until you decide where to stop and rest. It starts from the historical city centre and extends to the Eastern part of the Scaleta area.